Advise & Optimize

From assessing your needs to building an IT roadmap, ROI’s Advise and Optimize services are designed to increase efficiency, reduce expenses and drive sustainable results for your organization. We combine our industry and vendor experience to provide you with the insightful analysis and guidance you require to optimize your healthcare environment. We can help you address the following:

Strategic IT Planning

IT is an essential backbone to every healthcare organization. It’s not only complex, but also ever-changing. ROI has proven experience and methodologies to assist you with IT Strategic Plans, Application Standardization, Vendor Standardization, Site Consolidations, Vendor Migrations, and Technology Decommissioning.

Pre-implementation Planning

ROI’s pre-implementation planning approach supports your organization in establishing the proper foundation prior to initiating a software or technology implementation project. Our pre-implementation planning methodology focuses on defining the Project Strategy and Approach, Technology Scope, Stakeholders, Governance, Benefits Realization, Change Management, and User Adoption.

Process Optimization Assessments

Our process and system optimization services help you assess and align clinical, business and technology processes to enabling technologies in order to identify any misalignment and common points of breakdown, opportunities for integration and automation, and management of redundant systems.

IT Roadmaps

ROI takes a pragmatic approach to evaluate your IT capabilities with a focus on your short- and long-term business objectives. Our unique ability to view your business through a technology lens sets us apart. We are able to look across functional silos and technology boundaries, which enables you to realize new opportunities and better prioritize IT investments. Learn more.

Legacy Application Support Planning

Organizations transitioning to a new EHR application simply can’t forget about their existing solutions. ROI can put together a plan to help you migrate from old to new so your clinical care doesn’t skip a beat. The plan is built by surveying the existing support staff in the target application areas to understand the application architecture, technical requirements, depth of skills within the current team and the procedural environment. This detail is then aligned to your organizational objectives and service-level expectations. The findings are documented and a detailed staff and support plan is prepared for client management.