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Post CHIME23 Fall Forum Focus Group Follow Up

CHIME23 Fall Forum was all about keeping up with changes in the healthcare industry: from changing workforce demands, to patient needs, to changing the way patient care is delivered by incorporating artificial intelligence into patient care strategies. ROI’s focus group discussions also reflected change – changes CIOs need to consider to better manage the tools and technologies required by today’s advanced technical environment.

Financial growth concept- A sprout growing out of an eggshell on a stack of cash dollars bills

RevCycle Revelation Series

Animated series with Jeff Tennant on Revenue Cycle. From information and charge capture to receivables management and revenue enhancement!

Flow management concept.

Application Rationalization Webinar

ROI’s Jeff Tennant joined healthcare CIOs Chuck Podesta (Renown Health) and Matt Everhart (Denver Health) for a conversation on Strategies for Pursuing a Comprehensive Application Rationalization Approach. Hosted by HealthSystemCIO.

Touchless Contract to Payment Webinar

Webinar with Lynn Hamrick (Director, Supply Chain) and Diana Van Blaricom (VP, ERP Strategy) on the Touchless Contract to Payment: The Innovation of Supply Chain Processes.

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