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Why You Need Dedicated Project Managers in Healthcare IT

As healthcare IT systems continue to get more complex, it is becoming increasingly important for them to be implemented and maintained by trained project management professionals. As the use of technology helps reduce costs and improve the quality of care, it can also create challenges related to reduced service delivery timeframes and increased regulatory compliance pressures. The ability to manage such a complex environment is what can make or break the success of these projects.

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Six Tips to Staff Your Healthcare IT Project

Healthcare organizations today face the challenge of adopting and implementing a healthcare information technology (IT) project that is expected to deliver clinical and financial benefits. However, navigating this journey can be difficult without the right staff. 

Common Points of Failure

Common Points of Failure: Beware the Inadequate PM

Learn about the importance of the PM resource to the success of a project, the impact of poor documentation and tracking, failure to set expectations, transparency of Actual vs Budgeted costs, and the role communication plays in a project’s success.

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Healthcare ERP Implementations: 7 Common Mistakes

We recently spoke with ROI’s ERP strategists about the potential pitfalls when implementing cloud-based solutions, such as Infor CloudSuite, and what organizations can do to improve their deployment efforts.

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