ERP Finance & Supply Management

Supercharge your finance and supply management capabilities with ROI's tenured ERP team.



Infor Financial & Supply Management Overview

We understand the unique challenges and variables in healthcare. Have you outgrown the structure of your Chart of Accounts, creating maintenance challenges and cumbersome workarounds? Ready to reduce manual effort, find ways to lower costs, and improve vendor relationships through a healthier EDI? Looking to better manage contract pricing and avoid the dreaded invoice discrepancy? Want to better manage RNI and reduce the monthly liability accruals? Searching for more than staffing and want a full solution with a proven and cohesive team? Our specialty is healthcare, and we can guide you through best practices to get the most out of Infor’s highly customizable product.

  • We do so much more than just setting up the software. We look at the people, processes, and technology holistically to achieve the best results.
  • We see go-live as the beginning, not the end. Go-live is the start of the journey for our customers’ looking to innovate their operations. We enable users for ongoing success.
  • We have a strong relationship with Infor. We work with Infor to develop and deploy the latest technologies including providing input into how customers use the solutions. This helps support Infor’s commitment to building better mission-critical enterprise applications.
  • Change management is built into every step of our methodology. Change management starts on day one of your project. We help organizational leaders drive projects to success, even supporting them in the drafting of communication and training plans. With a focus on user adoption, our team of professionals will guide you through tips and tools to help end users learn new and improved processes so they can embrace the change


Innovating Financial & Supply Management

From reporting to interoperability to EDI and beyond, our Financial & Supply Management offerings focus on transforming your organization through your ERP technology.


Cost & Time Reduction


Warehouse JIT Ordering

Inventory Visibility & Replenishment


Easily access real-time data and identify where work needs to be performed through user-friendly dashboards. Eliminate third-party tools.

Cost & Time Reduction

Better align to SCM and HCM to reduce manual effort for approvals and reporting. Reduce and consolidate current Chart of Accounts (COA), reduce system maintenance with the right structure, and decrease time to onboard new entities.


Reduce offline system audits and standardize reports, interfaces, conversions, and extensions. Increase visibility to service lines, IP/OP or Payor model with Global Ledger. Set alerts and notifications to inform business owners when exceptions occur in a collaborative environment.

Inventory Visibility & Replenishment

Digital end-to-end supply chain processes connecting systems, trading partners, and devices enable real-time inventory touchless replenishment and visibility to make data-driven decisions. Automate basic entries, systematic recalls, and supply management approvals.

Here are just a few results that our ERP implementation clients experienced:

  • Standardized chart across entire organization
  • Reduced ledger redundancies by 17%
  • Reduced approved vendors by 48%
  • Enabled over 500 vendors for EDI transactions
  • Improved decision-making with tailored financial reporting

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