Infor Supply Management EDI

Supply Management expertise to drive efficiencies and cost-savings.

Infor Supply Management EDI Overview

EDI continues to prove its value by lowering costs and improving accuracy and business efficiency. Exchanging documents electronically improves transaction speed and visibility while decreasing the amount of money spend on manual processes. Even with all of its power, EDI is underutilized in healthcare. Why is this? 

  • EDI exceptions have downstream impacts on several other areas of operations, including Purchasing, Inventory, and Accounts Payable. 
  • When not operating correctly, EDI can cause PO’s to not transmit and invoices to not interface, resulting in significant time to reconcile for buyers and AP staff. 
  • EDI can be a major contributor to Received, Not Invoiced (RNI) problems as invoices can be transmitted by the vendor but not matched into the Infor system due to setup issues. 
  • Most organizations do not have a dedicated EDI resource to proactively manage and optimize EDI.

ROI’s Cost-Effective EDI Service Offerings 

ROI’s Supply Management employees can effectively diagnose, remediate, optimize, and support your EDI environment with Infor. Our proprietary assessment and simulated training products accelerate this process for Infor platforms. Our customized reports provide targeted visibility of errors, volume and type, and a ranking to help you prioritize areas of improvement including recommendations for data substitutions. 



Managed Service

Strengthen Your EDI Skills with Gamification 

ROI delivers multiple training sessions and offers our proprietary simulation software for clients to practice with their own data in a non-production environment. >>Learn More

EDI Remediation Services

=ROI supports clients by remediating errors and optimizing system configurations to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and improve peer rankings. >>Learn More

EDI Subscription-based Managed Service

Due to limited resource supply / capacity to optimize and proactively manage EDI, ROI offers two tiers of managed services (full-time vs. fractional resources). >>Learn More


ROI Clients Experience Several SCM Benefits through our EDI Offerings: 

  • Decreased manual processes and costs 
  • Improved EDI throughput by increasing the number of EDI suppliers 
  • Increased visibility and reporting 
  • Accelerated EDI maintenance and repairs 
  • Increased EDI efficiency and improved national ranking

EDI Success Stories

Success Story: NorthBay Healthcare


  1. EDI Invoicing was erroring out or intermittently not functioning efficiently
  2. Customer also wanted to implement EDI Auto-Receiving with their primary distributor 
  3. Staff were never trained properly on EDI and desired a clearer understanding 


  1. EDI Health Check to identify solutions and quickly monitor EDI system
  2. Utilized our expertise and cleaned up their EDI system and prepared them for EDI Invoicing 
  3. Leveraged the YNQ segment to allow for a more precise Auto-Receiving system capable of handling their high-volume distributor 
  4. Trained staff with a comprehensive User Guide packaged with software enabling staff to practice and learn EDI with their own data but without impacting their real EDI system

Measured Benefits 

  1. EDI Starting Score: 6.0/10.0 to Final Score: 9.0/10.0 
  2. Invoicing rating went from 0.9/10.0 to 9.7/10.0 
  3. All accounts with distributor were enabled working including partial order quantities making Auto-Receiving exponentially more useful for the materials management staff 
  4. Staff left more confident and increased in their ranking on GHX’s National EDI Provider Ranking 

Success Story: Large Hospital Network


  1. Client lost key EDI staff, hired company to help improve their EDI system
  2. Left with constant EDI errors and failing orders 


  1. EDI Health Check to locate solutions for EDI invoicing repairs

Measured Benefits 

  1. Overall EDI Score:  4.3/10.0 to 9.0/10.0 
  2. Located nearly 5,000 missing ED40 records, repaired over 1,500 conflicting ED40 records 
EDI Resources

“We were very impressed with ROI's EDI resources and the tools they developed to help us assess which areas of EDI needed the most attention. With the training we now have the procedures in place to maintain our EDI and optimize our invoice to payment processes.”

Executive Director, Infor Integration & Optimization
Healthcare Customer