IT Roadmaps

As an information technology (IT) leader, you’re constantly turning to — and pushing the boundaries of — existing technologies to solve newer and more complex problems. There is a constant push to implement better ways to facilitate operational efficiency and productivity, and to save money by putting competent applications and technologies to use. The impact that ever-changing technologies have on your organization compels you to constantly look at how you can optimize and get more return on the investments you’ve already made.

ROI’s IT roadmap offering is based on three principles:

  • Software systems must adapt to changes continuously or they progressively become less desirable
  • As a system evolves, its complexity increases unless work is done to maintain or improve
  • The quality of a software system will appear to be declining unless it’s adapted to the changing healthcare clinical, operational and financial environments

ROI’s IT Roadmap Services

Our IT roadmap services follow a detailed methodology and they’re designed to help you optimize and fulfill your technology needs according to your health system’s objectives. Our comprehensive deliverables define the applications and IT services necessary to meet your objectives and the proper timeframe for implementing them. ROI uses a highly collaborative approach that results in you “owning the plan” versus owning a document that sits on a shelf.

As a part our IT roadmap services, ROI offers you the following:

  • Identification of critical applications and technologies focus areas, including an application inventory
  • Executive interviews to clarify strategic goals and objectives for which your technology roadmap is being prepared
  • Stakeholder and user interviews to understand the integration of people, processes and technologies
  • Detailed findings and recommendations, prioritized according to a short-, mid- and long-term timelines
  • Detailed three-year roadmap and adoption plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Investment model

Benefits of an IT Roadmap

  • Healthcare IT leaders will use the roadmap to facilitate investment discussions with the rest of leadership. It can be used as a baseline when discussing new projects or priorities with functional executives. It will help leadership understand how to balance investment and project priorities and provide a way to visualize tradeoffs.
  • The IT department will use it to improve planning for projects and resources. The roadmap will help them anticipate resourcing needs; plan assignments, software and vendor selection, and costs ahead of time; and make it possible to start visioning and planning with the functional owners well in advance.
  • Functional leaders will use it understand what is required of and will be delivered to their departments. It helps them clearly understand how they should balance existing roadmap initiatives with new requests. The roadmap will keep functional leaders aligned with strategic technology priorities across the enterprise. Active management of the roadmap will result in much better executive alignment and stakeholder buy-in before projects even begin.

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