ROI’s Project Management Series

This four-week series offers a glimpse of the “Day in the Life” of an ROI Project Manager and what clients can expect from us as a KLAS-awarded and credible partner of consulting, implementation, optimization, and staffing services in health IT.

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Why ROI’s Project Management Sets Us Apart…

Since our inception in 1999, we have delivered on our promises by valuing and aligning with the human aspects of change. Our extensive background in healthcare and our comprehensive project management expertise and training set us apart from the rest. ROI understands that some principles just never get old. Communication, managing expectations, risk mitigation, team empowerment, and success measurement will always play a key role in successful program and project management at ROI. From managing complex cloud ERP implementations to leading multi-year application support engagements to driving process improvement and transformation, ROI’s value is largely influenced by how we lead teams, systems, and processes across the finish line.

Featured Blog Post

“How To Avoid Common Project Failures and Join Those Who Get It Right,” by Shelli-Ann Jackson. A two-part series.

Get to know our project managers…

Interviews & Spotlights

Tim Barca, PMP
Client Services Executive with 20+ Years of Healthcare IT Experience

“The Healthcare IT industry is ever growing. As a project manager, I realize that understanding the nature of healthcare is more and more instrumental to project success. For our clients to be successful, I have treated every task, small or large, as a project that needs the same management, communication, and follow through to ensure better patient outcomes by way of technology.”

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Pat Russell, MS, RN, PMP
Application Services Manager, Health IT Services

Project management is meant to fill the gaps, particularly in the clinical arena, where a clinician can listen to the clinical team, clarify their needs and then translate that to the technical team to complete. Then the technical team needs to be aware that at the end of the day, it is the patient that we must always keep in mind as we work to support the clinicians.”

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Sonya Schulte, MBA, PMP
Client Services Executive & Director of HCM Delivery, ERP Practice

My healthcare project management philosophy stems from one of the lessons my father imparted on me and my 3 sisters growing up …. If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right the first time. The best way to do something right the first time is to plan your work; and work your plan.

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James Layton, PMP
Cerner Certified Revenue Cycle Client Services Executive

I do not see a disadvantage to managing new technology. The project management methodology will not change. The project methodology used to build a motorcycle or to build an iPhone will be the same for implementing A.I. or a blockchain infrastructure in healthcare. The key is to leverage the latest technology to manage patient data, improve patient safety, and find quick diagnosis.

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Greg Dicker, PMP
Deployment Program Manager w/ 10 Years Leading Healthcare Revenue Application Projects

“I believe a successful project requires strong participation from all team members and view a critical role of a project manager as one to facilitate team building and manage team relationships. In this manner, a project manager has the capability to influence the success of a project beyond strictly developing and executing project plans.”

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Dana Spencer
Client Services Executive

We must be patient focused. Leadership must better understand, not just the technology but, the impact of the shift to improving population health while addressing all the cost and reimbursement factors. There is an increased need to globally understand how technologies can work together to streamline the delivery of healthcare to patients via telemedicine, from the doctor’s office to the acute care facility, to long term care.

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Kyle Hodges
Project Manager and HR Leader with Leadership Record in $1B Health System

“Understand that project management is equal parts art, science, meticulous planning, and a tenacious problem-solving mindset. This requires a willingness and capacity to adapt, remain agile, and pivot as situations arise that demand a revised course of action. And at all times, maintain a positive attitude and commitment to partner with the project team to achieve the desired outcomes; it is the collective effort and sweat equity that delivers project success.”

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Tom Paluso
22+ Years of Infor Product Experience as Application Consultant, Project Manager, and HRIS Administrator

“My Project Management philosophy revolves around the idea that it is important to build strong partnerships with clients, and that doing so will not only enhance the client’s implementation experience but will also make us a long-term strategic partner.”

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About Us

ROI Healthcare Solutions is healthcare’s trusted IT Services Partner, founded in 1999. We save clients time and money, creating clinical, operational, and financial excellence through ERP and EHR initiatives. ROI offers industry-centric project management, consulting, implementation. optimization, support, and staffing services. Our leadership is committed to delivering quality services with highly engaged team members to clients who appreciate long-term partnerships. We are recognized by both Inc 5000 as a fast growing private company and Modern Healthcare as a Best Place to Work in Healthcare.

Our HIS Practice

ROI focuses on managing, implementing, and optimizing clinical, revenue cycle, technical, and reporting systems, such as Cerner, Siemens, AllScripts, McKesson, Epic, and Meditech. We are top-rated by KLAS in Partial IT Outsourcing with a score of 95.7. We are a Cerner Preferred Collaborator with multiple resources going through the Revenue Cycle certification process. Our core offerings center around project management, legacy support, application management/shared services, data migration/extraction, and decommissioning services. Our proven methodologies are applied to create smooth transitions of people, processes, and systems for healthcare providers across the country.

Our Infor ERP Practice

ROI is a CloudSuite specialized and Birst Enabled Infor Alliance Partner and KLAS Category Leader (Business Solutions Implementation Services) that works with healthcare providers to reduce costs, increase efficiency, create confidence, and drive success of planning, implementation, and optimization of Infor’s ERP & Birst solutions. With core competencies in finance, supply management, human capital management, and IT, ROI is able to create and understand the value of business transformation through the use of Infor technologies in a way that aligns with clients’ mission, vision, and values.