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Human Capital Management Fundamentals

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HCM Fundamentals Webinar

Diana Van BlaricomWant to advance your understanding of CloudSuite HCM and learn how to guide your HR organization through a business transformation?

Diana Van Blaricom, ROI’s Executive Director of HCM Services, offers 25 years of strategic human capital leadership and Infor experience.

Diana looks forward to you joining the HCM Fundamentals Webinar so that she can walk you through:

  • The features and functionality within CloudSuite HCM
  • Activities you can begin to accelerate and support a smooth transition to CloudSuite technology and modernized processes
  • How you can engage others in your organization to support a successful initiative
  • A real-world client success story with CloudSuite
  • Practical ideas on how to build momentum

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What makes ROI different?

  • Strong culture of longstanding partnerships and quality
  • Deep industry focus with two Infor micro-vertical affiliations in Hospitals & Healthcare and Extended Care
  • Real experience with CloudSuite implementations
  • KLAS Category Leader for Business Solutions Implementations
  • Drive tangible benefits across functional departments and IT
  • Credible industry and Infor Consultants with 10-15+ years of experience