Case Study

Legacy Support For Epic TRANSITION

One of the largest IDNs and health systems in the U.S. with 95 acute care facilities has decided to drive a complex EHR standardization program through 2024-2025, which will be one of the largest Epic transformation initiatives in the country.

Legacy Support. Staff Augmentation.

ROI Delivers Legacy Tech Resources Amidst 
Massive Healthcare Epic Transformation

A key priority has been to secure resources skilled in a wide variety of legacy systems during the project. The resource market is limited for aging technology, creating a recruiting challenge for the organization. In efforts to keep the current systems stable AND approach a new phase of training for their staff, this health system needed a partner to quickly recruit and onboard resources who could support a large ecosystem of technologies.​


How ROI Provided 40+ Hard-to-Find Legacy System Resources During a Massive Epic Transformation

ROI’s Solution

As a preferred vendor to Leidos, ROI has delivered the following services to support the catholic health system’s engagement:​

  • Quickly identify talent that has been difficult to identify and recruit from within the health system, exceeding the customer’s internal capability and timeline​
  • Secured 40+ Application Analyst, Project Management, and Data Archiving resources with up to 30 years of experience​
  • High quality resources and timeliness have led to an upper volume demand of 75 resources to support a wide-variety of vendors, such as: Allscripts​, Cerner Soarian​, Epic​, GE Centricity​, HealthQuest​, MEDITECH​

Project Outcomes

  • Speed. Time to fill resource requirements has exceeded the customer’s timeline requirements, even for difficult-to-find skills.
  • Quality. The customer has consistently provided positive feedback that ROI’s Analysts are performing at or above the level of longstanding internal employees.
  • Risk Mitigation. During every EHR transition, turnover can create risk. For this initiative, ROI has provided backfill resources to offset any turnover, helping this customer keep their legacy systems functioning at a high level.