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RICE Fundamentals
Get the most out of your ERP technology by understanding RICE: Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Extensions.
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Get the most out of your ERP technology by understanding RICE.
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Topics Included:

Meet the Presenters

Kevin Branford
Kevin brings over 23 years of Infor S3 and CloudSuite experience, including six years of Infor CloudSuite experience. He was also the technical project manager for the first integrated CSF and HCM CloudSuite Implementation.
Kevin Branford
Kevin Branford
Principal ERP Consultant
Brittany Jones
Brittany brings over 10 years of project management and healthcare experience to ROI in her role as a project management consultant. She is passionate about driving cross-functional alignment, quality, and cost savings. She is also committed to strong and clear communication with stakeholders to gain trust and mutual success.
Brittany Jones
Brittany Jones
ERP Project Manager
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The video is a presentation by Kevin Branford and Brittany Jones from ROI Healthcare Solutions on the fundamentals of RICE (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Extensions) for project success. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. What is RICE? RICE stands for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Extensions. These are essential components of any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Reports are custom reports that meet specific needs of an organization. Interfaces are third-party interfaces between Infor applications and other vendors. Conversions transform data from the current system into new applications. Extensions are modifications to the delivered functionality of Infor.
  2. Common Symptoms of Bad RICE: These include manual and unreliable reporting, system adjustments or corrections due to poorly functioning interfaces, customizations that hinder the use of new functionality, unsuccessful past projects due to costly or time-consuming RICE, and poor system performance.
  3. Why RICE Matters in ERP Planning: Proper planning and development of RICE can significantly impact the project budget, timeline, and overall success. It helps in identifying deliverables for both technical and functional development, understanding business use cases, automating processes, and ensuring a successful project outcome.
  4. RICE Workshops by ROI Healthcare Solutions: ROI offers workshops that support accurate budget estimation, increase the probability of on-time and on-budget delivery, facilitate collaboration between functional and technical teams, and provide a roadmap and priorities for both functional teams and stakeholders.
  5. Benefits of Mature RICE Development: With proper planning and development, RICE can lead to accurate and relevant reporting and analytics, improved system performance, process automation and efficiency, quicker process cycle times, and a shift from merely keeping the system running to focusing on more important business initiatives.
  6. How ROI Can Help: ROI can assist in planning for Cloud Suite implementation, addressing common bad RICE symptoms, and optimizing version 10 for Cloud Suite. They use their tools and methodologies to align RICE objects better with overall project planning.
  7. Additional Resources: ROI Healthcare Solutions offers various thought leadership resources, including blogs, eBooks, and white papers on different applications within the Infor Cloud Suite. They also have a virtual booth where interested parties can learn more about their services.

The video emphasizes the importance of RICE in ERP systems and how proper planning and development can lead to successful project outcomes. ROI Healthcare Solutions offers services to help organizations optimize their RICE components and align them with their overall project planning.

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