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Navigating Change in Healthcare: Insights from ROI's Experts


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Networking Tips

7 Networking Tips for Extroverts & Introverts

Get valuable tips for introverts and extroverts to make the most of your conference experience. From setting goals and embracing observation for introverts to prioritizing time and building connections for extroverts, these strategies will leave you feeling energized and inspired to make positive changes in your organization.

Practice Management Transition

How to Survive A Practice Management System Transition

Ensure a successful transition to a new practice management system with a solid change management strategy. Explore the top drivers for system replacements, focus areas for successful transitions, and the importance of governance, strategy, implementation, and lessons learned.

Payroll Practices

These Good Payroll Practices Will Get You Through Year-end Easier

Ensure a smooth year-end payroll process by following good payroll practices throughout the year. Learn about key tasks, reconciliation, communication, and the benefits of maintaining rigorous payroll practices.

Unrecognizable doctor with tablet standing in hospital, working

3 Simple Steps to Facilitate IoT Adoption in Healthcare

The patient experience is a crucial part of healthcare. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help by making sure patients are seen at the right time, processed correctly, and supported through their care. In this article, we’ll look at how AI could improve these three aspects of the patient experience. 

Open Enrollment Benefits

Innovating the Benefit Enrollment Experience

Discover three key considerations for improving the benefits enrollment process for employees. Learn about usability enhancements, ease of administration, and change management strategies.

Job Descriptions

Contemporary Job Description for the Future of HR

Explore the evolving role of the Head of People and Culture in the HR world. Discover the job description, responsibilities, requirements, reporting structure, and the impact on employee satisfaction and company culture.

New Hire Fizzle

How to Prevent the New Hire Fizzle

Discover the employee’s version of the onboarding story and the triggers that lead to fizzling. Explore four strategies to keep the sizzle alive and increase retention, engagement, and commitment in the first year of an employee’s tenure.

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