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Navigating Change in Healthcare: Insights from ROI's Experts


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Post CHIME23 Fall Forum Focus Group Follow Up

CHIME23 Fall Forum was all about keeping up with changes in the healthcare industry: from changing workforce demands, to patient needs, to changing the way patient care is delivered by incorporating artificial intelligence into patient care strategies. ROI’s focus group discussions also reflected change – changes CIOs need to consider to better manage the tools and technologies required by today’s advanced technical environment.

Patient in a hospital bed with IV drip

Improving Patient Experience through Artificial Intelligence

The patient experience is a crucial part of healthcare. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help by making sure patients are seen at the right time, processed correctly, and supported through their care. In this article, we’ll look at how AI could improve these three aspects of the patient experience. 

Synergistic Interaction of Big Data with Cloud Computing abstract background. Light wave of energy

6 Myths of Data Quality in Healthcare (and What’s Really True)

In this article, we debunk some common myths and misconceptions about healthcare data quality and offer practical solutions for improving it.

Iot or Internet of things concept on wooden blocks.

Internet of Things in Healthcare

It’s no longer news that the healthcare industry has adopted technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to its advantage. Organizations are always trying to improve quality, reduce costs and ensure patients have quick access to care. One major technology in use is the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology involves the collection and analysis of data from various sources for business management, personalization, and practical purposes. With IoT being used more frequently, organizations should understand how they can leverage this technology to maintain high standards when it comes to patient care.

Diverse businesspeople working at management presentation

Why You Need Dedicated Project Managers in Healthcare IT

As healthcare IT systems continue to get more complex, it is becoming increasingly important for them to be implemented and maintained by trained project management professionals. As the use of technology helps reduce costs and improve the quality of care, it can also create challenges related to reduced service delivery timeframes and increased regulatory compliance pressures. The ability to manage such a complex environment is what can make or break the success of these projects.

artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning (ml)

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

Learn about the ways that artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of healthcare.

number three

3 Keys to Successful Application Management in Healthcare

Organizations must make application management a priority by working closely with vendors and implementing best practices that enhance the value of their investments. 

Diversity, recruitment or startup people for marketing agency interview on tech waiting for recruit

Six Tips to Staff Your Healthcare IT Project

Healthcare organizations today face the challenge of adopting and implementing a healthcare information technology (IT) project that is expected to deliver clinical and financial benefits. However, navigating this journey can be difficult without the right staff. 

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Healthcare ERP Implementations: 7 Common Mistakes

We recently spoke with ROI’s ERP strategists about the potential pitfalls when implementing cloud-based solutions, such as Infor CloudSuite, and what organizations can do to improve their deployment efforts.


Why Every Healthcare Leader Needs a Client-Vendor Liaison

If your next technology project has a lot at stake, I highly recommend you securing a Client-Vendor Liaison to represent all organizations involved, bridging the communication gap, and helping to drive success with trust, integrity, and humility.

2022 trends business concept. Notebook with trends list, coffee cup on white background

VLOG: Top 6 ERP Trends for 2021

With this VLOG, we’ll tackle six top trends that you should know about to stay ahead of the curve.

Envelopes and rubber stamp

Denials: Stop Correcting the Problem and Fix the Issue

In this article, we’ll cover the most common types of denials, a few ways to manage them, medical necessity, and how to break the cycle. Imagine the stability and financial strength your organization can gain when you take this step forward.

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