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Ensure intuitive interfaces that meet regulatory requirements.

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Reduce training time for staff as intuitive interfaces minimize the learning curve, enabling quicker adoption and proficiency in using the EHR system. Improve patient safety through the implementation of intuitive alerts, reminders, and decision support tools that assist healthcare professionals in making informed clinical decisions.

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Frequently asked questions.

EHR interface design refers to the visual and functional aspects of electronic health record systems. It focuses on creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that enhance usability, efficiency, and overall user experience. Effective EHR interface design is vital for healthcare organizations as it improves workflow efficiency, reduces user errors, and enhances patient care.

Well-designed EHR interfaces optimize healthcare workflows by providing intuitive navigation, logical information organization, and streamlined data entry processes. This results in improved efficiency, reduced cognitive load, and faster access to critical patient information, ultimately enhancing clinical productivity.

Key factors to consider in EHR interface design include intuitive navigation, clear information hierarchy, standardized data input formats, customizable views, responsive design for different devices, accessibility considerations, and compliance with industry usability standards.

Thoughtfully designed EHR interfaces reduce the risk of user errors, such as medication errors or incorrect documentation, through features like smart alerts, medication reconciliation tools, and intuitive data visualization. This enhances patient safety by promoting accurate and timely clinical decision-making.

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Scott Hein

Scott Hein

President & Founder

As one of the founders of ROI, Scott is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to ROI’s clients. Since 1999, he has led the continued vision of quality deliverables, teamwork and value. 

Chris Quimby

Chris Quimby

Partner, HIT Strategy and Services

Chris leads ROI’s Healthcare IT practice. He has extensive experience with a wide array of healthcare technologies supporting today’s multi-facility healthcare environments. 

Jeff Tennant

Jeff Tennant

EVP, Healthcare IT Strategy & Services

Jeff offers more than 20 years of experience in IT, healthcare, and consulting. He manages several of ROI’s key strategic customer relationships while serving as a thought leader.

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