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ERP strategic planning and roadmapping are important processes that enable businesses to align their technology investments with their long-term goals and objectives. By developing a roadmap for technology implementation, businesses can prioritize investments, mitigate risks, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.


Key to the economic health of the organization, your role in Finance is important to the entire enterprise. Find out how to leverage technology to control spending, efficiently manage accounting practices and plan for future financial responsibilities of the business.

Supply Chain.

You can’t afford disruptions in the supply chain activities. Find out how organizations are using technology advances to drive strategic and operational supply chain activities.

HR & Talent.

From searching for new talent and retaining key individuals to regulatory compliance, HR’s ever-changing landscape keeps challenging leaders to find new ways to engage, develop and motivate the workforce. Find out how to improve the employee experience through innovative technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERP strategic planning is important for businesses because it ensures that their technology investments are aligned with their overall strategy. It helps businesses prioritize their technology initiatives based on their impact on the organization and its long-term goals, thereby maximizing the return on investment and minimizing the risk of technology obsolescence.

ERP roadmaps can help businesses prioritize their technology investments by providing a clear timeline for implementing technology initiatives. By understanding the necessary resources, timelines, and dependencies for each initiative, businesses can make informed decisions about which initiatives to prioritize based on their impact on the organization and its overall strategy.

The risks associated with technology investments that ERP strategic planning can help mitigate include: investing in the wrong technology, investing at the wrong time, investing in technology that is not scalable or adaptable, investing in technology that does not align with the overall business strategy, and investing in technology without the necessary resources or infrastructure in place to support it. ERP strategic planning can help mitigate these risks by providing a structured approach to technology planning and implementation.

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