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Scalable Project Teams

Gain flexibility in team size and composition as your project needs evolve.

How we can help

Rapidly scale your team up and down to meet changing demands.

Improved project efficiencies.

Our scalable project teams optimize project efficiency by ensuring that the team size and composition are aligned with project goals, requirements, and organizational culture fit. This leads to improved productivity, reduced bottlenecks, and timely project completion.

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Frequently asked questions.

We can adapt to changing project requirements by easily scaling up or down the number of team members, reallocating resources, and adjusting the team’s composition. This flexibility allows for agile responses to evolving project needs.

A scalable project team can positively impact project timelines by ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time. With the ability to scale up or down, the team can adapt to project demands, preventing delays and maintaining a smooth workflow.

Yes, a scalable project team can help reduce project costs. By adjusting the team size and composition based on project requirements, organizations can avoid unnecessary expenses associated with idle resources or overstaffing. This optimization leads to cost savings and efficient resource utilization.

Organizations can implement a scalable project team approach in healthcare IT by establishing a flexible team structure, clearly defining roles and responsibilities, and leveraging project management methodologies that support scalability. It is important to have effective communication channels, resource planning strategies, and a culture that embraces adaptability to successfully implement scalable project teams.

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Healthcare IT Leadership

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Scott Hein

Scott Hein

President & Founder

As one of the founders of ROI, Scott is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to ROI’s clients. Since 1999, he has led the continued vision of quality deliverables, teamwork and value. 

Chris Quimby

Chris Quimby

Partner, HIT Strategy and Services

Chris leads ROI’s Healthcare IT practice. He has extensive experience with a wide array of healthcare technologies supporting today’s multi-facility healthcare environments. 

Jeff Tennant

Jeff Tennant

EVP, Healthcare IT Strategy & Services

Jeff offers more than 20 years of experience in IT, healthcare, and consulting. He manages several of ROI’s key strategic customer relationships while serving as a thought leader.

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