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Success Story

Legacy Application Support at a Prominent Health System in Atlanta

Learn how ROI helped a prominent health system in the Atlanta area support 55 legacy systems during a new system wide EHR implementation.


The client was undertaking a merger with another health system and needed to continue providing support for its existing applications during a new system wide EHR implementation.


  • Provide management and support of legacy systems through a staff of 13
  • Transition the support of 55 applications over a six-week timeframe
  • Provide project management and support for numerous projects and upgrades


  • Highly satisfied end-users and stakeholders
  • Allowed the hospital IT team to focus on their EHR implementation
  • Removed a majority of the distractions to the IT team that go along with 24/7 support

We did not believe it when you said that ROI will be able to provide support at or above our current level, but you have done it!

Director of IT

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