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Success Story

Telehealth Deployment at a Large Southeast Health System

Learn how ROI helped a large Southeast health system deploy a telehealth platform across 174 facilities and 1,500 users within a matter of days.


During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, there was an increased patient demand for remote doctor visits. Without a systemwide telehealth platform in place, this organization swiftly researched, assessed, and selected a secure platform with a strong reputation AND the ability to deploy within a matter of days across all 174 facilities and 1,500 users.

How ROI Completed a Successful Multi-wave Telehealth Deployment Across 174 Locations in 10 Days


ROI Healthcare Solutions was engaged to lead, collaborate, and rollout the selected telehealth solution within a week’s time for 1,500+ physicians and scheduling assistants. During this telehealth deployment project, ROI:

  • Developed a project plan within 24 hours of a telehealth system selection
  • Worked directly with a client team of leaders, analysts, and support staff
  • Collaborated with the telehealth vendor daily regarding training, build, user administration, and support
  • Ensured training was scheduled and delivered remotely by the telehealth vendor 100 participants per session
  • Rolled out telehealth platform within a 3-day pilot and 8 waves per day for 7 days, with a total 10-day deployment cycle
  • Created a plan to integrate telehealth into the help desk support model
  • Mitigated risks and resolved issues daily through tracking, communication, and consistent follow-through
  • Continuously communicated progress against goals to executive and operational stakeholders in areas of user activity, technical performance, training, and key goal accomplishments
  • Created and maintained documentation that summarized system strengths and ways to work around system limitations (e.g., automated user admin, browser and device pre-requisites)
  • Worked with telehealth vendor to review and resolve support tickets


  • Stakeholder satisfaction across executive and operational teams
  • Successful multi-wave telehealth deployment across 174 locations in 10 days
  • Over 1,000 remote visits per day were logged by the first month of deployment
  • Within the first week of full deployment, over 1,500 users logged into the system
  • Consistent communication and collaboration with highly involved telehealth vendor
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