Navigating Change in Healthcare: Insights from ROI's Experts


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Goodbye scrabble letters word on a blue background

Say Goodbye to PO25!

Say goodbye to PO25 and hello to Infor’s Contract Management, which allows you to create the contract and store the related attachments creating a “one-stop-shop” for any questions, comments, notes, or attachments – all in one place!

Benefits Part Three: Slaying the Pre-Payroll Benefits Beast

Although specific pre-payroll tasks can vary greatly across organizations, we will focus on two that nearly everyone will use: GTL and the deduction export.

Job Interview in Office

CIO Interview: The Real Scoop on MEDITECH Expanse

In a recent roundtable, James Reed, CIO of Conway Regional Health System, and Skip Rollins, CIO/CISO of Freeman Health System revealed their victories, lessons learned, decision-making strategies related to their planned move to MEDITECH’s Expanse platform.

Falling leaves

Benefits Part Two: The Winds of Plan Changes Are Blowing

The day-in-day-out, in-the-weeds processing is performed with four jobs located in Infor CloudSuite HCM, which we’ll review in this article.

Benefits Made Easy

Benefits Part One: Eligibility Made Easy

Having all the cogs of the benefits team well-oiled and churning efficiently shouldn’t just be a wish: it is a must!

Accessing Data in the Cloud

Accessing Data in the Cloud

Accessing the data in the “Cloud” is a new paradigm for some and it might actually be easier!

Yellow puzzle pieces on gray background close up

VLOG: Aligning HR Initiatives with Strategic Objectives

Hear from ROI’s VP of ERP Strategy, Diana Van Blaricom, about the importance of aligning your HR initiatives with your organization’s strategic objectives.

Number Seven

VLOG: The Seven Most Expensive Words in Business

Hear from ROI’s VP of HCM Strategy & Services, Diana Van Blaricom, on the seven most expensive words in business…because we’ve always done it that way.

Asian woman working laptop. Business woman busy working on laptop computer at office.

VLOG: Importance of User Perspective in HR Innovation

Hear from ROI’s VP of HCM Strategy & Services, Diana Van Blaricom, on the importance of user perspective in HR Innovation.

HR Payroll Covid

HR & Payroll’s Critical Role in Overcoming COVID-19

One of the ways that healthcare Human Resources and Payroll staff can support their organization during Covid-19 is to ensure accuracy with the volume of employee data updates.

Be Productive at Home

Be Productive at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To aid in moving from contemplation to action while working from home during the pandemic, here are five practical tips you and your teams can follow to keep morale, productivity, and sanity as high as possible.

System Configuration

Key Strategies: When and How to Modify Your System

There are many reasons to configure ERP systems, such as adding user fields to existing forms or placing constraints on fields to support accurate data entry. Before decisions are made to configure your ERP technology, consider these important questions.

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