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Proactive Pricing

Proactive Pricing Strategies Webinar

Power of the PM

The Power of the PM (In the Know)

In this episode of In the Know, we have a discussion about the importance of, what you should be getting from a project manager, and how to ensure value from that role.

Infor Go

On the Road with Infor Go

Series of short overviews around leveraging Infor Go within your healthcare environment.

Goodbye scrabble letters word on a blue background

Say Goodbye to PO25!

Say goodbye to PO25 and hello to Infor’s Contract Management, which allows you to create the contract and store the related attachments creating a “one-stop-shop” for any questions, comments, notes, or attachments – all in one place!

Software Update Electronic Device Display Concept

Managing Infor Customer Updates

Wish you could get more value out of Infor customer updates? Staying on top of updates doesn’t have to be so challenging!


Benefits Part Three: Slaying the Pre-Payroll Benefits Beast

Although specific pre-payroll tasks can vary greatly across organizations, we will focus on two that nearly everyone will use: GTL and the deduction export.

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James Layton

An Interview with James Layton, PMP

Meet James Layton, a Cerner Certified Revenue Cycle Client Services Executive with expertise in healthcare IT project management. Discover his insights on stakeholder satisfaction, prioritizing tasks, project recovery, and the key characteristics of a great project manager.

Tim Barca

An Interview with Tim Barca, PMP

Get to know Tim Barca, a seasoned healthcare information technology professional and Client Services Executive at ROI. With over 20 years of experience in implementing and maintaining various healthcare applications, Tim emphasizes the importance of understanding the nature of healthcare for project success.

DNFB Challenge

You Are Not Alone – The DNFB Challenge

Learn how to reduce DNFB volume and improve your revenue cycle with these six steps, including enhancing patient access, streamlining processes with technology, targeted training, maintaining a quality CDM, embracing analytics, and involving business offices.

Practice Management Transition

How to Survive A Practice Management System Transition

Ensure a successful transition to a new practice management system with a solid change management strategy. Explore the top drivers for system replacements, focus areas for successful transitions, and the importance of governance, strategy, implementation, and lessons learned.

Unrecognizable doctor with tablet standing in hospital, working

3 Simple Steps to Facilitate IoT Adoption in Healthcare

The patient experience is a crucial part of healthcare. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help by making sure patients are seen at the right time, processed correctly, and supported through their care. In this article, we’ll look at how AI could improve these three aspects of the patient experience. 

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