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Get Your Employees Paid On-Time and Stress-Free with ROI’s ERP Payroll Solutions.

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Looking for a partner to improve payroll operations?

Meet payroll efficiency.

Automate and streamline the payroll process, saving time, reducing errors, and ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees. Minimize the risk of costly penalties or audits while adapting payroll processes to your growing organization’s needs.


Enhance compliance with tax regulations, labor laws, and payroll reporting requirements, minimizing the risk of penalties or audits and maintaining legal and financial compliance.


Streamline and automate payroll processes, reducing manual errors, and ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees, leading to improved productivity and employee satisfaction.


Uncover potential cost-saving opportunities, mitigate risks, and enhance data security, ensuring payroll accuracy, compliance, and overall operational excellence


Meticulously map out the implementation or optimization journey, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions to payroll operations.


Achieve uninterrupted payroll operations, minimizing disruptions during system upgrades, employee transitions, and ensuring consistent payroll services for enhanced employee satisfaction.


Leverage ROI's talent to streamline your payroll processes, automate calculations, and stay up-to-date with changing tax regulations, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved payroll accuracy.

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How can we help you?

People and talent leaders are looking for new, innovative ways to leverage the investment in people and technologies that have a direct impact on the organization’s culture and employee satisfaction. HR leaders are challenged to automate processes and introduce more digital capabilities across all business processes.  All this while focusing on how programs that will impact retention and attract new talent.  

The team of HR and talent professionals at ROI can help modernize your business processes and take advantage of new and existing technologies to: 

  • Focus on initiatives that will improve leader and manager effectiveness. 
  • Implement technology and programs that will help employees connect to learning and development tools helping them navigate organization changes to reskill and grow. 
  • Utilize technology to create visible, compelling job paths to grow careers and reduce turnover.
  • Energize employees and eliminate the quiet quitting movement encouraging individuals to be proactive in learning and career development efforts. 

To learn more about how ROI can assist you, contact us:

You need HR programs designed to help employees take the lead on their career growth by driving visibility into talent programs, set clear goals and gain a better understanding of how their skills help to deliver on the mission and vision set forth by leadership.  Empowering individuals through self-service views of open opportunities, learning programs and career paths will increase their commitment to the organization.  Your HR team needs to manage regulatory compliance and gain access to workforce trends to effectively assist departmental leaders.   

Find out how the ROI HCM consultants can evaluate your current technologies, optimize features and create a plan for innovating HR and Talent initiatives as you grow the workforce of the future. 

To learn more about how ROI can assist you, contact us: 

Arguably one of the most important jobs in an organization is ensuring pay is processed on time, accurately and in compliance with government regulations.  You need confidence in the technologies that inform payroll transactions, fast and efficient processes and reliable reports.   

The ROI team of experts can help you better understand how to manage payroll cycle processing and implement balancing and reconciliation processes that will have you completing tax reporting and year end processing with ease. 

To learn more about how ROI can assist you, contact us:

Are you struggling to keep up with the changing technology in your organization? Maybe you’re looking to get the most out of the applications in response to a departmental leader’s request or functionality or reporting capabilities?   

The ROI team can help you meet this growing demand: 

  • Learn the tips and tricks to managing new and changing cloud-based features and functions. 
  • Learn how to leverage application governance processes to respond to increasing demand for functionality, data and new technologies from the business leaders. 
  • Strengthen your application skills through knowledge transfer sessions, project team guidance and industry leading practices. 

To learn more about how ROI can assist you, contact us:

ERP Payroll Leadership

Meet ROI's Team

Bill Starks

Bill Starks

Partner, ERP Strategy, Sales & Services

Bill leads ROI’s ERP practice. He has over 20 years of Infor/Lawson experience and a background in healthcare roles and is highly focused on maintaining a culture of growth and enthusiasm.

Diana Van Blaricom

Diana Van Blaricom

VP, ERP Sales & Strategy

Diana leads the strategic direction of ROI’s Infor ERP practice. She provides thought leadership on the latest industry trends and helps ROI’s customers align technology needs to achieve organizational goals.

Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett

VP, ERP Delivery

Brian leads ROI’s ERP staff development and manages existing and new client accounts, including overseeing project portfolios and resource scheduling. He brings over 20 years of Infor experience.

Ann Morris

Ann Morris

Director, Human Capital Management & Payroll

Ann has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources Administration in a Healthcare Environment, including over 18 years working with Infor Lawson as both a client end-user and consultant.

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