Legacy Application Support

You’ve made the decision to transform the organization through a new EHR. You’ve selected your best and brightest to focus on this initiative, but this has left a gap in your capabilities to maintain and manage the old. During this transformation, legacy applications will have different destinations. Some will carry forward, some may remain and continue to need legacy support, and some will be allowed to retire. Regardless of the target destination, legacy applications will need superior support for a defined period of time. ROI’s legacy application support services are based on three principles:

  • Streamline support resources
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Maintain service levels necessary to support clinical excellence

ROI’s Legacy Application Support Services

Our legacy application support services follow a detailed methodology designed to provide dependable, cost-effective, day-to-day support for a defined set of application systems and functions. As you stay focused on your new EHR and other strategic initiatives, ROI will take over the routine tasks of break-fix and regulatory maintenance, upgrades, integration testing and reporting. ROI offers the following legacy application support services:

  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Dedicated Application Managers
  • Budget Development & Management
  • 24×7 Remote or Onsite Support
  • Department and Vendor Liaison
  • Production Monitoring, Scheduling, Troubleshooting
  • Break/Fix
  • Upgrades
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Downstream Application Testing
  • Performance Reporting

Benefits of Legacy Application Support

  • Engage your best talent where they are needed most
  • Achieve target go-live date on time and on budget
  • Maintain support and business continuity
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Manage to predictable and reduced costs
  • Leverage flexible staffing